Bankruptcy Basics

What’s bankruptcy? Well here are a few (old school) videos made by the US Courts that do a pretty good job of explaining the basics. Contact Camphuis Law if you would like to learn more.

part 1: Introduction

“Bankruptcy is a legal process that provides relief for individuals who can no longer pay all of their debts. If you are considering bankruptcy, this video will give you basic information about the process, the relief it offers, and how to find the legal help you may need.”

part 2: types of bankruptcy

“A brief review of the three main types of bankruptcy cases for individuals chapters 7, 11, and 13. The most common types of bankruptcy are chapter 7, which are liquidating bankruptcy, and chapter 13 cases, often used by individuals who want to catch up on past due mortgage or car loan payments and keep their assets.”

part 3: limits of bankruptcy

“Certain types of debt, such as child support, alimony, and most student loans, cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Wrongful conduct may make some debts non-dischargeable. Examples of such conduct are incurring credit card charges without the intent or ability to repay, or obtaining loans using false financial information.”

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