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Prepare your financial information

Before you can decide how you would like to handle your estate you need to be sure what is in your estate.

Gather all your financial information such as your real estate, valuable personal properties, bank accounts, stocks and bonds and retirement accounts.

List your loved ones

Next, prepare a list of those loved ones you would like to inherit from you. This can be family or friends and may even include charitable or religious organizations. Think about in what proportions would like like those loved ones to inherit from you.

Decide who to trust to administer your estate

You should carefully consider who to chose as the executor of your will or the trustee of your trust. It should be someone that you trust to make sound, reasonable judgment and will honor your wishes. It can be a person you know or a professional.

Create your client portal through our website

You can do your entire estate plan online through Camphuis Law or you can start it online and do it in person in Southern California. Start by registering through our secure client portal below. Then chose if you would like to self-prepare your document using the advanced estate planning software called VEPs hosted on our site or if you would like to have an attorney prepare your document in conjunction with VEPs.

Once selected, fill out the interview in your client portal. If you purchased a trust or will package we will contact you for your consultation. It’s that easy. Any questions? Contact Camphuis Law!

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