Camphuis Law helps clients resolve tax debts with the IRS and can help them plan for taxes in the future.

Tax debt resolution

Do you or your business owe money to the IRS? Camphuis Law can negotiate with the IRS for you to help resolve your tax debt. There are a few options to resolve your tax debt liabilities, such as an offer-in-compromise, an installment agreement, or currently non-collectible status. Camphuis Law can also look into whether you qualify for a penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, etc., and stop wage garnishments or get levies released.

Camphuis Law takes a three step approach to resolving tax liabilities.

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1. Consultation

Schedule a free 15-minute phone or video call with a licensed tax attorney to hear about the options you may have in dealing with your IRS debt.

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2. investigation

Retain Camphuis Law to investigate and research what option is best for you. We will give you a detailed summary of your current tax liability status and proposed resolution strategy. Take that strategy and try to do it on your own or hire us to do it for you.

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3. resolution

Dealing with the IRS is a lot of work. It also helps to know the tax code and what areas the IRS is open to negotiating on. Also, having representation before the IRS is your right! Let Camphuis Law save you the time and effort and do it for you.

Tax return filing & planning

Need your current year or previous years tax returns filed? Camphuis Law can help you prepare and file your taxes! Get the experience of a tax attorney to help you file your return at a reasonable rate.

Camphuis Law also offers tax planning services by offering custom tax plans to help you understand and plan for future tax returns.

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