Tax Audit Defense

it’s your right to be represented when you get audited.

evaluate tax notice or tax audit letter

If you have received a notice or tax audit letter from the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board informing you that you are being audited don’t panic. Camphuis Law can likely help you!

Matthew W. Camphuis, Esq. is a tax attorney with experience in IRS and California tax law. Contact Camphuis Law for a free 15 minute consultation to review the examination notice you received to help you determine the next step regarding your tax notice or tax audit letter.

audit defense process

If Camphuis Law decides to take your case Attorney Matthew can help you:

  1. Extend to you the attorney-client privilege and attorney work-product privilege (this is something a CPA or EA cannot do).
  2. Evaluate and interpret the IRS tax notice or letter.
  3. Help you respond to the Information Document Request.
  4. Represent you during taxpayer interviews and attend them on your behalf.
  5. Defend your returns.
  6. Help advise you regarding tax compliance.
  7. Represent your audit on appeals if necessary.
  8. If necessary, represent you in US Tax Court.